“Help Me, Beloved Reader, You’re My Only Hope.”

A Level Up fan has a plan, an attempt to get an audition for the next Star Wars movie.

Your friendly neighbourhood Rogue Advisor is always willing to assist a L.U.F.A.S fan, but I cannot do this alone.

With your help beloved reader, we can make a difference.

With your help beloved reader, we can make a difference.

Thus beloved reader, I beseech and implore you for help in this matter of epic proportions.

How satisfying would it be to see one of my beloved readers in Star Wars. It would make this larcenous heart proud.

The man in question is Dave Walpole, just watch his promotional video and honestly tell me you wouldn’t want to help this man.

Assisting in his quest is simple just email the video by copying its URL to this email: dave_walpole@yahoo.ca

Please be sure to note the ‘dot,ca’ for Canada.

Until next time. Assist your fellow Star Wars fans.

Hadouken! L.U.F.A.S’ Second competition!

Welcome, beloved reader, to the second L.U.F.A.S competition.

Your friendly neighbourhood Rogue Advisor regrets that the prize is humble, such is the nature of the impoverished Level Up. Using the handy link below you can access the incredibly fun Hero Machine 2.5. With enough creativity, one can make any kind of character using it. Thus you are hereby challenged to create a Street Fighter character.

Hero Machine 2.5

Isn't it a wonderful feeling to kick seven shades of s**t out of your mates in video game format.

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to kick seven shades of s**t out of your mates in video game format.

The rules are simple; create a pugilistic enamoured character using the awesome Hero Machine 2.5, and email it to your friendly neighbourhood Rogue Advisor for the chance to be the proud new owner of a little plush Ryu.

Ha-freakin'-Do-Ken y'all.

Ha-freakin’-Do-Ken y’all.

Behold! An example character, with special moves included, that is one of the parameters of winning.


Lex O’Leary. She’s Irish, she’s punk, and she has weird special moves.
The palm trees and giant mosquitoes are completely irrelevant. I just liked that background.

After making a glorious image of pugilistic excellence, detail the character’s moves, using references to light, medium and heavy punch and kick buttons, and explain how to pull them off on the  joystick / D-pad.

Lex O’Leary’s Special moves

Celtic fury: Lex spins both pairs of her nunchuks, kinda like E Honda‘s hundred hand slap – press any punch button rapidly, the stronger the punch the weaker her defence will be.

Luck o’ the Irish: This move allows her to dodge any attack if timed properly – press forward, diagonally forward  down, then forward.

Have that you Sassenach: Lex dashes across the screen, grabs her opponent and smashes her forehead into their nose, splaying it across their face in a red smear of gristle and gore – hold the directional button back for one millisecond, then press forward and all three punch buttons at the same time.

Four leaf clover slam: With this devastating maneuver, Lex slips around the back of her opponent and puts them in a kind of full nelson grappling style grab but by holding them fast with her nunchuks.

Once she has them in her paddy clutches, she then proceeds to backflip their face into the floor 4 times in a row – press forward, then a full rotation of the joystick / D-pad to grab them and then press punch, the lighter the punch the faster she pulls it off but the less damage she does and visa versa.

Goddamn that's a cool picture. be inspired.

Goddamn that’s a cool picture. Be inspired.

Now it’s your turn, beloved reader

Make your Street Fighter character with special moves explained then email them to your friendly neighbourhood Rogue Advisor. Deadline for entries is the 21st May. The best entries will be blogged and immortalised for all to admire.


Until next time. Keep creating.

My First Super Villain Part 2

WTF, beloved reader, it seems your friendly neighbourhood Rogue Advisor actually has a nemesis. After the copyright vindication event from ‘My First Super Villain’, I continue to be harangued.

This is how yours truly depicts his nemesis.

This is how yours truly depicts his nemesis. Somewhat similar, but on differing paths of morality.

There is of course the possibility I have contracted a rare case of multiple Super Villains; whom may gang up on me Sinister Six style and give me a hard time of it like poor old Spidey.He seems to spend more time getting his ass kicked than kicking ass, then ends up running to the Fantastic Four for help. I feel for the web slinger, I really do, but I don’t want to spend a single day filling his shoes.

Weird thing is, shortly after the copyright incident Google warned me that my Gmail account had been hacked into, and bizarrely, the only messages this fiend messed with were all the entries for the ‘No Disintegrations’ competition. The saboteur deleted all of them, yet left untouched emails containing sensitive personal information bar the one below. That means, regrettably, that I will not be able to add the other 671 to the ‘Original Character Database’.

Any of my beloved reader’s creations that are not in the database will be added if you would be so kind as to resend them. Google assure me the Gmail account is now safe. It is also clear, that while my villain is trying to destroy L.U.F.A.S with filthy underhanded tactics, he is also trying to rob me!

Trying to steal from a real rogue!

The circled section, is what was stolen from me.

The circled section, is what was stolen from me. £310.50! The Gaul!


WTF Rogue Advisor!

Fear not, beloved reader, for every bullet this cad fires at me simply re-establishes my invulnerability to such poorly applied larceny

And thanks to the clue in the attempted theft, I won't have to go far for it.

And thanks to the clue in the attempted theft, I won’t have to go far for it.

All funds, thanks to my rather efficient and helpful bank staff, have been returned and a fraud investigation is on the hunt for my nemesis. I’m not too sure if I want them to catch him or not.

Mayhaps my own brand of vigilante justice will be the required vindication. Your friendly neighbourhood Rogue Advisor doesn’t mind getting red to the elbow bringing down villains.

In  his villainous arrogance, he left a damming clue; the money was taken by a company, that I assume my nemesis works for, (even Super Villains have day jobs, they need a lot of dough to cover the expense of all that ostentatious clothing and minion’s wages), in Southend-On-Sea, a vile and abhorrent seaside town, filled with cutthroats, bandits and hoodlums. Perfect territory for a villain to recruit like-minded evil doers.

This is what the abominable seaside town looks like. It has the longest pier in the world. Not that anyone gives 2 f**ks.

This is what the abominable seaside town looks like. It has the longest pier in the world. Not that anyone gives 2 f**ks.


so what’s your plan?

I have a good idea who is actually inconveniencing me, I won’t name them here, that’d give the game away, eh?

In the meanwhile, I will add my vision of my nemesis to the ‘Original Character Database’. Whoever they are, they earned it.

Until next time. Stay on your guard.


Army of Geekness

As you can see from the last post, self-indulgent as it was, the ‘Original Character DataBase’ has begun. It will take some time for me to catalogue all the awesome entries from the ‘No Disintegrations‘ competition, but the world should see these creative gems from around the globe.

L.U.F.A.S Y'all

L.U.F.A.S Y’all

Keep them coming in, beloved reader, the more the merrier

Email as many characters as you please, following the simple outlines in ‘No disintegrations’. All characters stored in the database will still be eligible for future competitions. They are created on a wonderful web site, the link:


Until next time. Keep Creating

OCBD: Street Fighter – Ax L Lee

On May 14th  your friendly neighbourhood Rogue Advisor set the task to create an original Street Fighter Character to win a rather humble prize.

Using the awesome Hero Machine 2.5 you, beloved reader, had the challenge to create a unique awesome character. I present the 4th runner up.

Ax L Lee

By Daniel Ingrey, Brighton, UK.

By Daniel Ingrey, Brighton, UK.

Special Moves

Rock you like a hurricane: QCF + kick. Ax. L performs a roundhouse which he follows up with a hit by swinging his famed guitar, “Skeggöx”. Type of kick determines strength and speed of the attack.

Bat out of hell: QCB + punch. Ax. L summons a colony of bats that swarm at the enemy by hammering out a high-pitched riff on Skeggöx.

Raining Blood: Hold back for two seconds, forward + punch. Ax. L runs at his opponent and unleashes a barrage of punches. The punch chosen determines the distance.

Reign in Blood: Hold back for two seconds, forward + kick. Similar to Raining Blood, but this time Ax. L will jump in the air before landing and unleashing a combo of punches. Punch chosen determines distance again.

House of Pain: Back + middle punch. Ax. L swings Skeggöx forwards by holding the neck of the guitar. This counts as two hits.

Bio: Ex member of an 80s hair metal band, Ax. L turned to the Street Fighting circuit to make rent after his band’s declining sales in the 90s.

Until next time. Keep creating.