About: Rise of the Geeks!

Well met adventurer. Achuta Star Wars fans. Greetings all true believers, geeks, gamers and nerds of all kinds. Even nuqneH to all you Trekkies. Welcome to Level Up.

I’m your friendly neighbourhood Rogue Advisor here at Level Up. I want to help my fellow comic book enthusiast, D&D fanatic and hard-core gamers to transplant their awesome skills and attributes into the real world.

Maybe you’re here for motivation or inspiration. Maybe you’re here to learn something new or revise something already known to you. Maybe you’re here out of boredom or curiosity at the sheer ambiguity of the concept of levelling up at all.

Whatever you’re reason for being here, welcome and thanks for reading.


Your friendly neighbourhood Rogue Advisor.

I’m doing this for my fellow geeks and nerds because I know what it’s like to have sand kicked in my face. People try to get in shape and fail many times because of misinformation. The fitness industry, among many others, is filled with fads, gimmicks and falsehoods.

Level Up is here to put an end to these myths. I want you to share your stories and ideas too. Hopefully an army of powered up geeks will rise following the lessons learned from Level Up Fitness & Skills.

I am a geek, nerd, RPG and comic fanatic. One day I got sick of being bullied for being weak and different. I vowed to gain as much knowledge on how to emulate my heroes as much as possible, fitness, martial arts, useful skills and proficiencies and of course the study of anatomy. After over 20 years of martial arts experience, including a 4th Dan grade in Shotokan Karate, I also have extensive qualifications in the fitness industry and in biology, anatomy and kinesiology. It is now my mission to assist all those who had to endure as I did in the past. The geeks will rise.

Level Up’s mission.

The goal of Level Up Fitness & Skills is to inspire you to make positive changes and develop useful proficiencies straight out of a comic book.  I want to promote a better understanding on how to exercise properly, how to get nutrition effectively, and how to consistently improve attributes, skills and talents on a daily basis. I want my fellow geeks, adventurers and potential superheros to see that strength, fitness and sport are no longer the exclusive domain of jocks and meat-heads. And we’re going to get there the Level Up way:

80% knowledge

10% Hard work

10% Discipline

The geeks will rise, prepare for the revolution!

Until next time. Stay informed.

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