No Disintegrations

This thing is awesome. Sorry, beloved reader, you were probably expecting something enlightening, instructional or just entertaining. But I took a moment from such skullduggery to introduce you to this, and the chance to win a groovy prize. Yay.

Hero Machine 2.5

It does what it says on the tin. You make heroes with it. Made some groovy characters myself, totally losing an evening by doing so, but it made me feel somewhat vindicated. Sweet.

Follow the handy link above and send Level Up your own characters, any kind you like; hero, villain, fantasy, Sci-Fi or even a normal dullard, use your imagination.

Include the character’s name, list of powers / abilities, stats and origin, how they got , a couple of sentences will suffice. It’ll be like our own kinda Top Trumps.

“He’s no good to me dead.”

The best character entry will win this groovy prize! Double Yay.Yes. I know, beloved reader, it is quite the humble prize. However Level Up is still an impoverished company.

The best character entry will win this groovy prize! Double Yay.
Yes. I know, beloved reader, it is quite the humble prize. However Level Up is still an impoverished company.

Behold my own creations!

Devil 6

She is as nasty as she looks. Fear her.

She is as nasty as she looks. Fear her.

Powers / Abilities:  Psychoportation is her greatest power, but it exhausts her each time she employs the gift. Her voice can emit a fear induced paralysis, she can also see in all spectrums of vision. Her tail is prehensile and a direct strike will also cause paralysis. The wings allow only for gliding.

Skills: Extremely handy with chains, wielding them dual weapon style. She is fantastic in the sack.

Statistics: Strength-12, Agility-99, Speed – 99, Endurance – 28, Intelligence – 25, Charisma – 44

Origin: Real name Helena Drake, she wanted to become a famous actress, but ended up doing porn. She was selected for her promiscuity and captured by he Vatican, to be experimented upon. The Vatican’s plan was to create a bunch of devils to prove that hell existed, and thus prove heaven existed to try to get one over on all the atheists.

She was the sixth such victim of catholic barbarism, but they didn’t realise she had developed the ability to teleport at will. After her escape she vowed to destroy the Vatican. Join the club luv.


Does he look like he gives a flying f**k? Because there are zero f**ks given here.

Does he look like he gives a flying f**k? Because there are zero f**ks given here.

Powers / Abilities: Vince has only one power, he can steal knowledge from others brains by taking some of their grey matter and implanting it in his own barnet. This can  work out for the worst; he can sometimes take on characteristics of his victims for a limited period, sending him a wee bit loopy . But that doesn’t bother him one bit, he’s fairly deranged anyway.

His armour is tougher than Captain America’s shield and Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton combined, and is full of useful gadgets like adrenaline boosters. His right hand is a force field generator that works kinda like the Green Lantern’s ring, but the colour yellow is not his nemesis.

Skills: Brawling, he loves it. It’s his favourite hobby and he is really good at it. I mean really good at it. Also he has a lot of big freakin’ guns. Nuff said.

Statistics: Strength-88, Agility-18, Speed -44, Endurance – 99, Intelligence – 99, Charisma – 29

Origin: Born to the Fisk criminal family, it was obvious to his father that he was a deformity. Born with his brain completely exposed, no nose and no right hand.

The crime lord set about finding all treatments possible in an attempt to make him ‘normal’. Little did Don Fisk realise that Lou had already started using his powers from the age of 11, and was secretly augmenting himself cybernetically.

Rogue Advisor

Last, but surely not least; your friendly neighbourhood Rogue Advisor

Powers / abilities: Little is known about the nefarious and elusive Rogue Advisor. He is somewhat like a cross between Batman and Iron man. All his attributes are the best a human may ever attain. He is a genius able to create powerful items that make Starktech look like Fisher Price crap. His cowl makes him immune to all mind affecting powers, and perfect infravision, and gives him an early warning system ‘spidey sense’.

The rest of his cladding is bullet proof, stab proof, fire-proof and stronger than adamantium, yet supple as leather. He his boots allow him to walk anywhere, despite the surface tension. He has been mistaken for Jesus whilst walking on water, and also misidentified as Spiderman whilst walking up the side of Big Ben.

Skills: He is a master of Martial arts from across the world, an acrobat and skilled in espionage. He can move in complete silence if he wishes. There is no lock he cannot pick and no trap or alarm he cannot disarm. He leaves no trace nor evidence of his movements.

Statistics: Strength-100, Agility-100, Speed – 100, Endurance – 100, Intelligence – 100, Charisma – 100

Origin: Unknown.

Now it’s your turn, beloved reader

Create any type of character you wish with Hero Machine 2.5, then e-mail them to your friendly neighbourhood Rogue Advisor. Competition ends 21st April. The best entry will be blogged for all to admire.

Until next time. Stay informed.

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