“Then I Took an Arrow to the knee”

The meme is well past its shelf life, but hits may have breathed new life into it.

Superpower: Arrow To The Knee

The ability to cause an arrow to appear in someone’s knee

Works on any person who you have seen; they receive an arrow, 2 feet long one inch wide, going through one of their knees. It enters through the kneecap and leaves through the back of the knee. It appears there without ever actually being fired and it is made of a solid piece of pure iron. Can be activated at will towards any applicable target and can be done as many times as desired.

The good:

Disable enemies so they can no longer be adventurers
Free arrows made of iron
May be used many times in succession

The bad:

Must have seen the target in some form, before TV in person etc.
They may not have any “knees”
Don’t control which leg gets the arrow

Until next time. Stay Informed.

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